I am a woman, wife, mother, friend, chartered accountant and now, image consultant, stylist, blogger and make-up artist. I have broken the mould that society and I created for an A- aggregate student that was good at accounting and mathematics. Why? Because it was not my passion.

Following your passion is not an easy or sometimes profitable option for everyone, but I believe it is worth it and can be all the things you want it to be. It may also take you a while to discover what your real passion is. My husband and my two beautiful children are my main passion.  My other passion is business, clothing and bringing joy to people’s lives. So I have combined all of them, as an image consultant.

Breaking the mould

Every role we play has a certain mould that is either created by society or sometimes by ourselves. I believe it is important for you as an evolving being to constantly strive to break the mould.

This relates to you as a being on the inside and out. Never stop challenging your mind, investigating, reading, inquiring and trying new things. Do not become stagnant. As a woman, it is a challenge to find a moment in the day just to go to the bathroom, never mind developing your mind, but it is SO important.

Break the mould

So where does the image consultant fit in? Well, if you spend a little more time looking after yourself, feeling good about the way you look, this will boost your self-confidence and you will be in a better place to take on all your different roles with enthusiasm. Sometimes this is a difficult task to do on your own and you may need some professional advice.

Break the mould

Yes, I do believe, that no matter what you wear it can not make you happy on the inside. However, if you wear clothes that suit you and colours that lift your complexion and mood you will have more confidence to follow your passions.

Break the mould

With this comes trying new things.  You often get stuck in a rut of wearing the same shade of eyeshadow, buying the same brand and colour lipstick year in and year out. You do not wear bright colours because you do not want to draw attention to yourself. You do not try a new hairstyle because maybe your family will not approve. You have not bought new clothes since you have had children because you still want to lose a few more kilos…

Break the mould!

If you do want to lose weight, and get into better shape, start immediately. You are a much happier person if you are more active and healthy, not unbearably thin, just healthy. Then buy clothes that fit you now. Try colour for clothing, accessories, make-up and shoes. It will change your mood and outlook. No matter what your budget everyone can look good.

Break the mould

Maybe you just need a nudge in the right direction and some inspiration.  That is where I come in. My passion is to break that mould that you have created for yourself and introduce you to new ideas and styles that will enhance your best features and suit your lifestyle.

Break the mould

Maybe your main role has changed from a business woman to a mother, but you have not changed your wardrobe. Running around after a one year old in heels and cigar pants is not ideal. Similarly, starting work after you have been at home looking after kids cannot be done in skinny jeans and sneakers.

Sometimes you need a little advice.  Instead of spending a fortune on clothing that does not suit you or just hangs in your closet, spend a little on the correct advice that will save you money in the future.

Break the mould

I am a woman, wife, mother, friend, CA, image consultant, stylist, blogger, make-up artist, mould breaker and I am following my passion.

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