Have we become a society devoid of romance?

The year is in full swing and I find myself wondering what to make of the current world situation.  Have we become a selfish society running from one place to the next, or is there still time to think of other people and spread a little love.

Valentines day is of course this month, and we all have our own opinion of this day.  But, whether you love or hate it, a little romance can go a long way, and maybe it is time to spread more love through the entire year.

Yes, you might argue there are so many issues that we must face on a day to day basis.  The water crisis, the business sector and financial institutions that are unreliable, political soap operas and just getting through another day, from work to carting children from A to B to C and back again.  But should we just get by?

Definitely NOT!

With many exclamation marks.  Every day should be a great day, even if the only special moment in it are the hugs from your children and husband.  I am a complete hopeless romantic.  Just to elaborate, I still watch Shakespeare in Love (one of my top 10 movies) and hope that somehow Will and Lady Violet will get together at the end.  Romcoms, fairy tales and romantic gestures make me cry with happiness.

I am definitely not a relationship expert, but after 11 years of marriage, I can say that it is important to make an effort.  When last have you been on a real date with your partner or spouse?  Accompanying him to an event or business dinner does not count.  So, make reservations at a restaurant (try and avoid restaurants with play areas) and dress up a bit.  Not everyone enjoys getting spruced up at the end of a very long day, but I find putting on the dress that your husband(or partner) loves (ask him), a pair of heels to show off your legs, his favourite scent and a great lipstick, can go a long way.

And yes I know, it not only involves getting yourself ready.  After extra-murals, the homework must be done, kids supper made, served and hopefully eaten. Then bath them, pack their school bags and lunches for  the next day (unless it is a weekend of course).  Only then do you have a turn to bath (in very little water, that they used first), dress, make-up, hair, wait for baby-sitter and give instructions, while your husband works till the last possible moment and gets ready 10 minutes before you leave.

Once you are in the car, put on some music and put your phones away and just talk.  Remember that feeling you had when you first started dating, butterflies in your stomach, he still brought you flowers on every date and opened the door for you.  Try not to talk about the kids or work and focus on each other, your plans and dreams. Just be with each other.

Bring back the romance everyday, and spread the love, not only to your partner or spouse, but to friends, family and strangers.  A mere smile when you walk past someone, can brighten their day.


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