For some matrics this great event is already something of the past, but for the majority it still lies ahead, and the June holidays are time for preparation.  A few (quite a few) years ago, when I found myself in this position, everything was a bit toned down and done on a some what smaller scale.  My Mom and I did a make-up collaboration and my hair was done by my mom’s hairdresser.  My Dad was the chauffeur, in our family car, and he took the photos. The before party was held at my house and this is what everyone did.

Today things are slightly different and a matric farewell seems to have become a much grander event and everything is done on a larger scale.  So here are some of my tips for the day.


This is after all the most important item of the day and once it is in place the rest will follow.  Whether you are have it designed and made, or you bought the dress, make sure the colour and style flatters your body type and reflects your personality and style.  Be careful of white and very light nude colours, as they can look bridal, and that great event is yet to come.  Sometimes we are lead by high fashion styles and colours, where something more classic might suit you better.  Make sure you are comfortable in your dress, that you are not tugging the whole evening and that you can actually dance and go to the ladies room.



Less is more.  Decide whether the focus should be on your dress or your accessories if the dress is plainer.  Remember to make sure that the earrings and accessories suit your face shape.  Your accessories do not have to match your dress perfectly, just blend with your entire look.  A clutch or small sling bag is a must.  Make sure your phone, lipstick, compact, gloss, tissues and mints can fit in.



Another very important part of your outfit.  Make sure you buy shoes that you can walk and dance in, as it really takes away from your whole look if you dance barefoot (unless you are going for a bohemian feel!).  Try to find heels with a slight platform as they will be a little more comfortable and remember to wear your shoes in at home, so that they can stretch a bit.  Patent shoes can be stretched, by putting them on with thick socks and heating them with a hairdryer. (I have tried and tested this myself!).  If you do not like heels, opt for wedges or some bling kitten heels.



It is very important that your friends and family still recognize you, so make sure your look is not too extreme.  A hairstyle that suits your type of hair and face shape is very important, as you want to accentuate your best features.  The same applies for make-up.   The make-up looks we see on social media are stunning, but some of them might not suit you specifically.  Rather ask your make-up artist what she thinks will suit your eye shape and complexion best.



If you are considering going for a facial, rather go a week or two before the day to avoid any reactions your skin might have.  If you have a spray tan done, rather opt for a lighter shade, more natural is always better.  Have your nails done the day before.  Sleep and hydrate.  Nothing works better for your complexion than sleep and water! (Especially at 18 (in a few years you might need something more!!).


Timing is everything, as you don’t want to rush.  Make sure you know what time your before event begins and what time you are taking photos, and then work back.  Travel time, dressing time, make-up and hair.  Apply moisturiser and lip treatment early morning, avoid applying it immediately before you have your make-up done, so that your make-up will last longer.

The most important part of the day is to have fun, feel beautiful, dance a lot and do not forget to eat!!

If you are struggling to find the right dress, colour and style or you need assistance with make-up, contact me at adrienneduplessis@gmail.com or 084 515 3637.



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