As a wife, mother and business woman, finding a little moment in a week to just let go and spend quality me time is sometimes very difficult.  We are all so busy running around, that sometimes finding time to do something we really love, very seldom materializes.

For some it may be reading a book, others go jogging, gym or walk.  I have spent quite some time trying to find a type of exercise that I love doing and tones me at the same time.  My passion has always been dancing.  I did ballet till I finished school and with my school uniform, I also hung up my ballet slippers…

Dancing has still remained in my blood and I took a few salsa classes, and maybe one day I will learn how to dance the Argentinian Tango or any Tango, but my husband still needs some convincing though.

Time is always the issue though, so finding something to fit in with a very busy schedule is tricky.  After trying a few different things I discovered Ballet Barre at The Fitness Society in Paarl.  The class is fantastic.  It combines basic ballet movements with gym exercises and a modern beat.  I unfortunately have missed a class or two, but the morning after the classes I have attended there are usually a few muscles that talk to me and I love that.

You may ask yourself, but what does this have to do with Image Consulting?  Well, as an image consultant it is important to look after the inside as well as style the outside, so I refer people to a variety of exercise gyms, personal trainers, beauticians, dieticians and life coaches.   It is important to look at a person holistically and help them to become the best version of themselves.

So take a few moments in your day and consider what it is that you really love doing, maybe take a cooking lesson or an art class or like me, put on your dancing shoes and live life to the fullest.


Ballet Barre classes at The Fitness Society in Paarl.

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