A year of many changes requires a different outlook to your wardrobe.  It is time to focus on quality, comfort items that you love, rather than many items that are just okay.

Investment pieces, made mostly from natural materials, are the better buy.  Here are some tips and a few of my favourite items that provide comfort and longevity to your wardrobe and are great to transition into Autumn and Winter.



Can you ever go wrong with a good pair of leather shoes or boots, a leather handbag and the absolute, a leather jacket?

There are so many fabulous local leather products, such as Ateljee Ltd (for bags and belts) and Mally Bags.  I am on a quest this year to find comfortable, stylish shoes.   Blisters and sore feet, no more!   Aldo, Poetry, Queue Shoes and Dune never disappoint and there are so many more locally made leather shoes.

Leather jackets are fabulous and Poetry and Old Khaki have amazing ones, but my classic black blazer from Florence, well, it has sentimental value as well.


Living in Africa, and in Paarl, requires natural fibres that breathe. Shirts, dresses and kimonos are vital in your transitional wardrobe just throw over a jacket for that morning chill before the warm Autumn sun takes over.  Visit boutiques for unique prints or head for the chain stores such as Cotton On, Zara, H&M and Poetry for amazing cotton pieces.

Wool and cashmere

We are all praying for some seriously cold weather this year and a wool blend or cashmere knit is always a winner and an investment piece.  Just layer as they can become warm when the sun pops out.


I love my down puffer jackets, soft, breathable and so wonderful to travel with.  I have learnt that cheaper down options are not necessarily better, and you end up with a lot of down all over your tops… So rather pay slightly more for better quality and try a colour besides black!


Can you ever have enough jeans? I am not prone to one specific brand of jeans.  I like comfort and different washes, a classic dark wash for smarter and ripped jeans for a casual edge.  Look for interesting embroidering, beading, pearls and sequins.


Underwear forms the foundation of your outfit and unfortunately many skimp on these essential items.  The wrong size bra can give an incorrect look to your clothes and be very uncomfortable, so have yourself measured properly.  There are only a few shops that still provide this service.  Storm in a G cup and La Senza, will gladly assist you.  The same is said for panties!  Buy the right size and type to go with your outfit and avoid that visible panty line.


A third of our day is spent sleeping, so, surely we should invest in comfortable sleepwear?  In the past, I have always rushed to find decent sleepwear before a holiday, and then left the shops very disappointed.  Luckily, I have recently been introduced to The Sleep Collective’s online store.  Their range of comfortable, stylish sleepwear for the entire family is a must-have and the bridal range is beautiful! Have a look, at www.thesleepcollective.co.za.

So bring focus on comfort and quality both in your wardrobe, at home and with your time!

My Winter Style Update is 18 April at Kikka Boulevard in Paarl. 
Book your tickets at info@adrienneduplessis.co.za
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