You are preparing for a date with your man.  But have you asked him what he would like you to wear?

We seem to have assumed a very self-involved focus these days. We know what colour, style and fabric suits us (contact me if you do not!) and what trends are in fashion and we like to wear.  But do you ask your special person what he thinks?

Obviously men differ and some will comment everyday on what you are wearing and others not. And sometimes we ask their opinion, and ignore it anyway.  So, I thought it would be a good idea for this Valentines Day, to ask my husband, which outfit he would prefer me wearing. Naturally, I did not let him loose in my wardrobe, but rather gave him a few options to choose from.

Living in Paarl, about 60 odd kilometers outside Cape Town, the weather in February is HOT.  There is no sea breeze or cooling down at night, the heat hangs in the valley.  Air conditioners are a necessity.  Keeping this in mind I put together five date outfits that my husband could choose from.

Option 1:  Denim

Jeans are hot in February, but the strappy sequin top is looser, making it slightly cooler.  The look is smart casual, so definitely depends where he is taking you.  I love wearing heels with jeans as they make your outfit smarter and make your legs look amazing.

Option 2:  Shorts

Shorts can definitely also be dressed up, depending on the style.  This is definitely a more formal short, cut like a suit pants and it is not too short.  You could definitely wear this to a cocktail function as an alternative to a dress or pants.

Option 3:  The skirt

This is one of my favourite skirts.  A-line, which is super flattering and it has a slit that shows just enough leg.  The cowl neckline is also very flattering and the colour makes my eyes pop.  The combination is also slightly less smart and you could wear this as smart casual or cocktail.

Option 4:  Bling

I love sequins and this top is one of my favourites.  The sequins reflect and give you a very flattering glow.  You can wear the top back to front as I am here, so it allows for different necklines and totally different looks.  The white skinnies are comfortable and slightly smarter than blue jeans.

Option 5:  Cropped pants

These pants are very comfortable and elegant and can be dressed up or down just like the satin camisole.  I love a lace satin combination and animal print is just my favourite.  This outfit can definitely be worn as cocktail wear.

I prefer wearing heels on a date night, it gives me some extra height and makes me feel good, but all these outfits can be worn with flats.

So we initially started with 6 outfits, but my husband vetoed one of them from the beginning. Then after a process of elimination (which lasted a full 60 seconds), he is also a CA you see, he decided on…

Option 3: The skirt

His explanation of why he preferred this outfit the most was not very long.  He liked the colours and styles more and it was not as smart as some of the others.  It is always good to keep these things in mind when spending time with your favourite person.  His opinion counts, even though you think you know more about style than him.  It is important which styles are more attractive to him and this exercise has given me a lot of insight into how he sees me and what he prefers me wearing.

Styling new outfits in your wardrobe is so much fun, but time is the main factor why we tend to wear the same outfits.  As a style and image consultant, a wardrobe styling session with me, is definitely something to consider.  (Vouchers are available)

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