Business and styling have both played a significant role in my life.  By merging my passions to become a Business Style Consultant, I definitely have the best of both worlds.

Business Style Consulting is a service that I provide for entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses and companies to improve the professional style identity and workplace etiquette of the employers themselves, and their employees, tailored for their specific industry.  This service is popular among successful professionals and businesses, as they recognize the importance of having a modern, cohesive and polished image to present to clients and customers.

I also provide personal consultations with individuals and entrepreneurs, who need to improve their business style identity, are entering the work arena for the first time or starting their own business.  These consultations are designed to help individuals develop a personal brand that aligns with their goals and values, and that will help them stand out in their specific industry.

During a consultation we look at a range of the following depending on your specific requirements:

  • Brand and identity
  • Colour and dress code
  • Professional image and wardrobe
  • Personal care and presentation
  • Business social skills and etiquette
  • Communication – verbal, telephonic and netiquette
  • Business travel and out of office etiquette

I then provide training and guidance to help the individual, employer and or employees improve in these areas, tailored for each specific industry.

In addition to improving the business’s image, business style consulting can also have a positive impact on employee morale and communication.  When employees feel confident in their professional appearance and behaviour, they are more likely to feel good about themselves and their work.   This can lead to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Below are the Business Style Consulting services that I provide.  Please click on the link to read more about each specific service:

  • Business and workplace identity consultations
  • Entrepreneurs and small business consultations
  • Corporate consultations and presentations
  • Workshops for students and group workshops
  • Training for sales personnel
  • Business etiquette and out of office training

The consultations can be in person or online.   The group workshops and presentations I present in person.

My goal is to empower those entering the workplace for the first time and to update the style of established businesses and professionals for a modern fresh approach to workplace dressing and etiquette.

I hope you will follow me on this endeavour and please contact me for more information or a bespoke quote at info@adrienneduplessis.co.za or 084 515 3637





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