I am sure you have had an experience like this before… Going into a boutique and the staff make you feel inferior or they simply ignore you.  Entering the reception of a corporate establishment and the receptionist ignores you, while talking on the phone to a friend.  Finding it hard to concentrate on what an employee is saying because of being exposed to extreme cleavage.

The effect is that we begin to avoid these establishments even though they might have the most amazing products or services, and the image of the business takes a knock.  This not only happens in smaller retail stores, but chain stores and at corporate establishments.  The question is what is going wrong, and whose responsibility is it to properly educate?

Well, in the end it is up to the employer to ensure that his or her employees are receiving the necessary training with regard to the image of the business, proper work attire, work place etiquette and going the extra mile for your clients.  This is however, usually at the very bottom of the list of priorities of most businesses.

Finding the time and resources for such training might be an initial inconvenience, but the long-term effects on your customer satisfaction, employee morale and profits will be well worth it.

If you have been in the retail industry for many years, it might also be worth while looking at your current product range.  When last have you tried new suppliers, asked your clients to fill in a questionnaire or changed your showroom or shop décor?  Do you use social media to reach new clients?  Just a few small changes and you could increase your client base and revenue.

Being that step above the rest will give an edge in the market place and will attract more clientele, and the right clientele.

So how do you go about this?

If you have one receptionist that is the face of your business, it might be an option to invest in a private consultation for her. Or if you have a larger staff, a workshop for a morning, that can be combined with an event for example, Women’s Day, Secretary Day etc. is always a popular option.

Contact me for tailor made packages for your business.  I consult with you before the employee consultation or workshop on exactly the image you wish to portray and the problems that you have encountered.  I address those, and we discuss the general image of your business and how we can make a few small changes to take your business to the next level.

Contact me at adrienneduplessis@gmail.com or 084 515 3637

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