So why the summer dress you might ask?

Well, on this specific day my daughter challenged me to take a ride on a slide. I think she was expecting me to back out of it, using my summer dress as an excuse. But I did not. I climbed up that very high slide and maneuvered my way down, realising on the way, that slides are not built for ladies with hips or dresses. The point was, that I accepted the challenge.

I would like to challenge you to be daring with your wardrobe.

We are in the midst of winter it is cold, very cold and very grey. So, the easiest option is to bundle yourself up in as many layers as possible and avoid leaving buildings unless your really have to. Take the kids to school, work, shop, home etc.

It seems we are fearless to experiment in our kitchens in winter. We try new exotic spices, curries, rich sauces and soups, yet in our wardrobes we side step the out of the ordinary.

Yes, obviously we all have a budget and spending money on ridiculous items that we will never wear, is well just that, ridiculous. But, I have found that buying something extraordinary and making it part of your ordinary, will make the daily task of dressing so much more exciting.

Fascinating you might say, but how do I go about it?

The trick is to combine more luxurious textures such as faux fur, chiffon satin, velvet and lace with more everyday textures such as cotton, denim, wool, viscose and linen. This will give you a sophisticated yet comfortable look.

There are no rules, so play in your wardrobe. Bring out an item that you love, but have not worn for a while because you feel it is too “dressy” and combine it with something more casual, like sneakers, a jersey or something denim, for example.

Make a concerted effort to invest in great pieces in your wardrobe that can expand your current repertoire and lift your spirits on a grey winter day. Obviously, make sure your basics are in tip top condition. These also need replacement ever so often, as any piece of clothing will lose its initial lustre and appeal if you wear and wash it every second day. When those are in place you can keep your eye open for the more luxurious textures to “play” with.

Try new colour combinations.

Yes, I do play it safe on certain days and black is my go to. But, on the days you do try new colours, that suit you, you will feel spectacular. This is easy to achieve by experimenting with accessories. Belts, jewellery, scarves and bags can add that extra icing to your outfit.

Experiment with your accessories

The important thing to remember is that your wardrobe is never really complete. Just as we are constantly evolving with our daily circumstances and surroundings, so too should our wardrobe. Your clothing is an expression of you every day.

The challenge is on, will you accept it and be more daring?

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Happy dressing!

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