While the Boland is still in denial that it is May, the rest of the country is experiencing the first feel of Winter.  So to get into the swing of the season the key is to start with your accessories and shoes.  These items will instantly update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Here are some of my favourites and where to find them:

  1.  A leather bag


A leather handbag is always a good investment.  This stunning two tone leather bag from Ateljee in Paarl and Stellenbosch is a must-have for your wardrobe.  It will match any outfit and is suitable for most occasions. They have a wonderful selection of leather bags and clutches in various shades and the prices are very reasonable.  Also visit Wild Orchid in Paarl, Trenery, Country Road and Cretienne Couture in Stellenbosch just to name a few and then there are loads online as well.

2.  Loafers


Loafers in a variety of colours and shades are perfect for those inbetween days and look stylish, while being very comfortable.  There are so many styles, colours and fabrics to choose from.  Velvet, leather, patents and material, the choice is yours.  Some of the best loafers I found at Zara, Poetry and Woolworths.  If you are looking for something extra special visit Mimco at the Waterfront.

3.  Ankle Boots


Life is too short for boring boots!! The selection is also endless, from snakeskin, patents, leather, suede, metallic and velvet.  Try something out of your comfort zone to make a statement this winter.  Paired correctly ankle boots can add that extra modern look to your wardrobe.  I have found too many pairs I love!  The snakeskin pair are from Superbalist.com and the suede studded pair from Woolworths RE.  Look online at Superbalist.com, Spree.co.za and Sam Star.  Visit Poetry and Woolworths for some stunning leather boots and treat yourself and pop in to Zara, their boots are AMAZING!!  Aldo, Trenery, Country Road and Mimco also have some lovely pairs.

4.  Belts


Belts can completely change the look of your outfit and for the hour-glass and pear-shaped ladies, they can accentuate your curves.  From very narrow to wide Obi belts, find a belt that suits your body and outfit.  A plaited belt is one of my favourites as you do not need to make extra wholes depending where you use it.  So where must you look for belts?   Locally in Paarl and Stellenbosch visit Ateljee for a selection of leather belts in various shades and Wild Orchid has some lovely wider wrap belts.  Also visit Poetry, Woolworths and Country Road for a great selection of leather ones.

5.  Scarves


Scarves are also an instant update and splash of colour in Winter.  There is a shape, colour and fabric to suit every occasion, from silk to cashmere to cotton.  Play with prints and be bold.  My favourite places for finding scarves are all of the boutiques in Paarl, as well as Old Khaki, Poetry, Accessorize and any interesting shop that I come across.

6.  Statement Earrings


For those of you who don’t know me yet, I do not leave the house without earrings.  The reason is, that with short hair, I really do feel naked if I do not have a pair on.  So earrings are a must for me, and they add that extra glamour to your wardrobe.  Statement earrings are back and the bigger the better, so be adventurous and try something different.  There are so many great places to find relatively inexpensive pieces or you can treat yourself with some stunning semi-precious stone numbers or Ayala Bar.  From local boutiques to Poetry, Accessorize, Lovisa and chain stores.  I shop all over to find interesting items to spice up my ears!

So go shopping and find special items that can update your wardrobe instantly and contact me if you need some assistance!

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