Shopping can be overwhelming for many women.

As a stylist, I too spend time browsing the internet and paging through magazines for what the season holds. The great thing about dressing in our current day, is that it is less about what is in fashion. Today, it is about style. Finding an item that you love, that suits you and making it your own.

Most of last years trends are definitely still with us, so I am looking at new ones or rather “refreshed” old trends from previous decades. As most of our fashion trends are derived from Europe we need to customize them to suit us here in Africa. Wearing large amounts of fabric in 40 degrees Celsius, is just not practical. These are some of the trends that I spotted that I like, find wearable and can be adapted to your specific lifestyle.


There are so many colours to choose from for summer. From very bright pinks and corals to pastels and muted neutrals. Play around and be bold. Yellow has definitely been a firm favourite for the last few years. While, the mustard shades were amazing for winter, summer’s shades of lemon are brighter and definitely suit more skin tones. It definitely lifts your mood!

Beige on Beige

So beige is definitely not my best colour worn next to my face, but if you have an olive to dark complexion, this head to toe look is for you. It can be a very cool and sophisticated look. Pair it with other neutrals or as I will be doing, add a dash of colour or a bold lip.

Shades of Brown

This chocolate brown I find beautiful when worn by the right skin tone. Personally, I will stick to brown accessories. Wear the same shade or mix different earthy tones and textures with leather and woven accessories.


So “they” say that if a trend comes around for the second time in your lifetime you should probably not wear it. Well I think “they” should keep quiet because neon is fun. I love bright colours, and neon looks fabulous with denim, white, tan or beige.

Tye Dye

I remember buying dye at the local pharmacy and spending Saturdays tye-dying T-shirts. This time tye-dye is a bit more sophisticated. It still has a very summery vibe and you will definitely hear the beach calling.

Bold Mix of Prints

Prints and florals are definitely a part of every wardrobe and this summer is no exception. A romantic smaller floral has made an appearance next to its bolder counterpart. Mixing prints i still big news and a mix or almost patchwork of prints has also appeared. Find the right print for you.

Summer Black

Black is a staple in everyone’s winter wardrobe and has now moved into summer as well. Black linen is definitely a cooler option this season. Accessorize it down with leather sandals and a macrame or woven bag and fun jewellery.


I love skirts, they can be slightly more versatile than a dress and definitely cooler than pants. Find ones that are flattering for your figure and make you feel amazing. From pleats, ruffles, button-through and asymmetrical etc etc, the styles are endless. Wear them in a length that suits your height and legs. My hemline usually rises with the temperature. A versatile skirt you can wear to any occasion, just change your T-shirt to a blouse and your sandals or sneakers to heels. And of course add a pair of glamorous statement earrings.


No change of season is complete without a new dress. The coolest option for summer by far. Experiment with unusual prints and colours that you love, in styles that flatter all your assets. You definitely need to accessorize a summer dress differently or you will get bored very quickly. So, add a bold shoe, a woven belt or an ostrich feather bag for a touch of luxury.

Transparency and Lace

Lace never goes out of style, but the way we wear it has. It is less pretty and slightly more masculine and sexy. Especially when combined with satin. Transparency has also stepped up a level with organza and larger tulle sleeves. Perfect items to add to your wardrobe for a special date or year end function.

Bleached Denim

This is another returning trend from the eighties. Denim is a basic in your wardrobe and this lighter bleached version for summer is fresh and fun. Pair it with white or be bold and add some neon.

Boiler Suits

Boiler suits are the more casual everyday version of a jumpsuit. Love them or not, they are practical. Jumpsuits and boiler suits are great for ladies with a shorter body. If you have a longer body like myself, finding one that fits comfortably, can be more challenging. A slightly stretchy fabric helps in jumpsuits, but most of the boiler suits are in linen, tencil or denim, so be careful of shrinkage.

Puff Sleeves

Another ode to the eighties. Maybe not a February wardrobe item, but perfect for the coast and on that in-between day. I prefer the longer less voluminous puff, as a very small puff sleeve on your shoulders can look very girly. It should rather be avoided if you have very broad shoulders.

Macrame and Crochet

There is definitely a large seventies influence this season. Bring out the crochet and macrame. From tops and dresses to belts and bags. It is time to bring out your inner hippy. I love it and think it can be very chic and dressed up or worn to the beach.

My plan for the next few weeks leading up to the end of the year, is to source beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe in the Cape, wine lands and online. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and please leave comments and let me know if there is anything specific you have been searching for. Happy shopping!

If you are looking for advice about summer trends or image consulting in Cape Town or surrounding areas. Please contact me.

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