Time to relax and breathe in the sea air!

December holidays are synonymous with the beach, in my life.  Long days on the beach (a bit too long in my teens and early twenties), walks on the sand, picking up shells and spending hours investigating the rock pools.  That smell of charcoal braai from the nearby camping site.  You experience the sea with all your senses and I think that is why it is so embedded in my heart.

Over the years there have been many special beaches, most of them in the South Coast.  I remember these fondly with family and friends and all the adventures that we had.  When I married, my beach moved a little up the coast, and my heart was won over by the river, lagoon and endless white sand.  This year we start a new chapter.  Colder water and a touch of bamboo, but I am excited.  The view, the vegetation AND there are rock pools that I can now explore with my children.

Baked goods are also part of the holiday.  Cookies on the beach and fruit cake for tea.  BUT due to various power cuts, my oven decided to go on holiday before my baking could begin.  Needless to say the gingerbread men will have to wait for next year, but I did manage to source some yummy treats at the last minute.

So besides the food, I love packing for summer holidays. Bright, bold and bling.  Pack away your everyday numbers and have some fun.  At the beach you can get away with shorts, skirts and dresses that are a bit shorter.  The brighter the better.  Bring out the kaftans and kimonos and don’t forget the bold accessories and hats.  Instead of packing items, pack capsules of clothing and accessories that can be interchanged.  Keep it fun and apply endless amounts of sunscreen and a nice bold lip.

My wish to you for this season time is not to look back at the year that is over, but to be thankful for what we have come through and look forward to all the new possibilities that lie ahead.

Laugh, be silly (but responsible), dance and enjoy the precious time with your loved ones.

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